Agave, Cactus and Yucca

Agaves are one of several types of high moisture plants and are referred to as “succulents.” They usually have thick ample leaves but based on the species may have plentiful spines on of the leaves.  Known as the “century plant,” it is the most commonly grown in local landscapes. Cactus provides an authentic dignity that seems to complement desert landscapes. They make excellent specimen plants or striking accents. The Cactus family numbers over 2000 species and make an excellent primary plant or eye-catching accents. Typically cactus do not have leaves, but have swollen stems, spines or scales. Yuccas are also acceptable for any Southwest desert scene. Yuccas, unlike will bloom annually and the plant does not die after blooming. Many yuccas have sword-like leaves, and at maturity may either be small trunkless plants or have large stems or trunks. As their older leaves mature and hang downward, the plant depicts an unkempt outline.