Azaleas can be grown in most areas of Texas with proper soil preparation and care, although best to not attempt in arid western parts of Texas. Azaleas require an acidic, highly organic, moist, well-drained soil that naturally favors areas B, C & G because of native soil type and higher rainfall. If this does not describe your native soil, plant in 8-12″ raised beds that have been amended with peat moss, compost and shredded pine bark mulch.

No matter where Azaleas are grown in the state, watering during dry periods and keeping roots cool with a thick layer of mulch promotes healthy plants that bear more flowers. For best performance, plant in an area that receives filtered sun.

Wait until plants have been established (4-6 weeks) before applying a complete, slow release fertilizer. Consult your Certified Professional for specific recommendations and rates. Avoid fertilization in the fall.

Most Azaleas need little pruning. Any light pruning to shape should be done after blooming in the spring.

Choose varieties from the chart that bloom at different times of the season for non-stop color.