Sustainable Practices - Simpson Landscape

Sustainable Practices

With environmental concerns being voiced across the world, Simpson Landscape has taken strides in our dedication to environmentally-friendly landscaping practices by aggressively exploring ecologically-sound and sustainable systems and processes. We use yellow landscape recycling fabrics instead of petroleum-based bags and have saved thousands of pounds of plastics from our city waste systems. We also have an on-site organics dumpster that is picked up and converted into mulch and organic compost.

For years, Simpson Landscape has used and promoted drip irrigation systems to save large percentages of water output on properties as well as using drip for foundations. We work with our property management staff to set water use goals to reduce the total output and save money. High-efficiency nozzles on our pop-up heads allow compensation for high wind conditions and limit overspray and water waste. Our landscape experts scrutinize every zone, examining the slope, soil type, plant type and EvapoTransparation rate, which factors in the climate and moisture rate for each month of the year.


Simpson Landscape provides yard waste collection and tree disposal services. We also implement landscape recycling, which eliminates the cost, fuel consumption and carbon emissions from transporting bags of yard waste and provides nutrient-rich resources for your landscape. We are experts in composting and other environmentally sustainable practices for reducing and reusing landscape waste.

Sustainable Practices - Simpson Landscape