Spring Ahead: 10 Tips To Get Your Garden Ready

Spring Ahead: 10 Tips To Get Your Garden Ready

By Michelle Slatalla for Gardenista

Waiting for spring can make you as antsy as waiting for Christmas did when you were a kid. Will it ever get here? And then suddenly it does…and there’s no more luxurious time to scheme or dream.

This year we’re looking at these last weeks of winter as a gift—precious time to prepare for spring. Barb Pierson, nursery manager at White Flower Farm in Connecticut, has 10 essential tips to prepare a garden for spring. We’re on it:

Photography by Sara Barrett for Gardenista, except where noted.

1. See What’s Missing

When trees are bare and plants are dormant is the best time to study a garden’s underpinnings. “In the winter, you can see what’s missing. Are there areas where you need screening because you suddenly you notice the air conditioning unit that looks horrible?” asks Pierson.

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